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Refugee status claims in Canada remain higher than in the last year

According to the updated statistics by CBSA, in August there was a slight reduction in the number of people who were intercepted at the Canada-USA border trying to cross unofficially to claim asylum. In total, 1,762 people were stopped by the RCMP as they illegally crossed the Canadian border at informal border points. In July, this figure was slightly higher - 1,874 cases. At the same time, the statistics also show that the total number of asylum claims submitted in Canada in 2019 is higher than in the same period in 2018. The federal government says it has processed 39,705 claims for refugee status in 2019, which is 5,000 more compared to the last year. Statistics released also show Ontario continues to lag just behind Quebec in the total number of asylum claims processed this year. #Refugees, #Quebec, #Ontario, #CBSA

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