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Reclassification of the Census 2016: Over a million Hispanics in Canada

A reclassification of the Census 2016 statistics showed that Hispanics are the sixth-largest visible minority in Canada. The reclassification used the definition employed by the Canadian Hispanic Congress, including those with one Hispanic parent. The change increased the count of Hispanics from 640,000 to over a million. The Hispanic community is one of the youngest in Canada, with an average age of 31 years. It has a higher level of education than the average population but a higher index of underemployment. The most common countries of origin are Colombia, Mexico, El Salvador, Peru, Chile and Venezuela. However, the proportion of recent newcomers from Latin America and the Caribbean declined from 16.2% of all newcomers in 1991 to 9.9% in 2016. #demography, #Hispanics, #Latin_America, #Caribbean

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