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Ontario needs a regional immigration strategy

The remote communities in Ontario could benefit from the influx of immigrants that are disproportionately settling in the Greater Toronto Area. The study by the Conference Board of Canada said the number of newcomers settling in Ontario last year starkly illustrates the disparity between the GTA and the rest of the province, noting the current settlement levels have potential to strain the resources of the provincial capital while preventing other regions from reaping rich economic rewards. The Conference Board urged all levels of government to address this imbalance as 106,000 Ontario immigrants settled in Toronto and its suburbs in 2018, representing 77% of all newcomers in the province. The rest of Ontario welcomed only 31,000 immigrants. The report called for Ontario to reform its Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP), to focus more on remote and less populated areas. #Ontario, #GTA, #Toronto, #OINP, #immigration_levels

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