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OINP releases 2019 year-end statistics

On March 23, 2020, OINP released statistics regarding its 2019 nominations and quota allocation. While the full nomination allocation was reached in November of 2019, the federal government granted the province an additional 700 nominations, which were allocated by the year end.

The total number of nominations for 2019 was 7,391, including 41 nominations exclusively allocated to candidates in NOC level C occupations.

As per the table posted by OINP, the breakdown of all of the 2019 nominations by stream is as follows:

Due to the launch of the Tech Draws in the summer of 2019, the province awarded 33% of all nominations to individuals declaring work experience or a job offer in a high-tech occupation.

OINP also issued 6.1% of its nominations to individuals with high French language proficiency, surpassing its 5% target. No candidates were nominated under the Entrepreneur Stream, however, seven applicants were said to be in the last stage of the compliance monitoring process under this business stream.

Another interesting table posted by the province was the list of days that the different streams remained open for registration, providing a little insight into OINP's competitive registration system. This table is the following:

The top countries of citizenship of OINP nominees included: India, China, South Korea, Brazil, Nigeria, Pakistan, Morocco, Iran, Philippines and Ukraine.

As of today, Ontario's nomination allocation for 2020 has not been announced by the federal government.

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