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IRCC refuses 75% of study permit applications made by African students

The official data by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) shows that Canada refuses almost 75% of study permit applications from the international students from African countries in 2019. The highest approval rates by countries have Japan and South Korea (96% of approvals for students from both). Students from Algeria have the lowest approval rate - only 14% of their applications were approved. The numbers for the other major African countries are 18% for Cameroon, 19% for Nigeria, 25% for Congo, 29% for Senegal, 30% for Kenya, 38% for Ghana, and 49% for Morocco. On average, the approval rate of the applications from African students is 25%. #International_students, #Study_permit, #Study_in_Canada, #IRCC #refusals, #Africa

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