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IRCC allocated national quotas for International Experience Canada

On December 11, 2019, Canada finally released the quotas for the 2020 International Experience Canada (IEC) season. Almost all countries have received their initial quotas. At this moment the only countries without the number of ITAs for this year remain Austria, Estonia, Greece, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia, Spain, and the United Kingdom. So far, IRCC allocated 52,275 spots for 2020. The biggest quotas have been allocated for the Working Holiday categories for Ireland (10,500), France (7,100), Japan (6,500), Germany (4,490), and South Korea (4,000). The quota for Australia remains unlimited. The initial quotas will be increased during the year. The dates for the first rounds of invitations will be announced later. In 2019, Canada issued 136,480 invitations in the IEC

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