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Federal election and its potential impact on immigration

The Conservatives are currently leading in the polls, and if they win the upcoming election in October, there may be changes to the immigration system. The current Express Entry system, which the Liberal government has been using to accept more immigrants, was in fact created by the Conservatives. During the Conservative government, the Express Entry points system favoured some lower skilled workers by giving them additional Comprehensive Ranking System points by virtue of having arranged employment. The Liberal administration made it difficult for these worker to be competitive by reducing the points awarded to arranged employment offers. It seems that every political party will support the immigration policy. However, each of them has a different approach in the upcoming federal election. While the Liberals, Conservatives and NDP have all agreed that immigrants are essential to the Canadian economy, they have different policies when choosing the right people. If Tory wins the majority, economic immigrants may get most benefits comparing to other categories of immigrants. #Elections, #immigration_policy

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