Live webinar April 22, 2020 @ 11:00 AM EST 

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Antonio Urdaneta


5 hours

SUMMARY: This course provides an in-depth overview of the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario’s Specific Rules of Procedure. Pleadings will be discussed as well as early dismissals. Our instructor will present strategic considerations to keep in mind from the time that an application is being planned to its filing, as well as practical tips involving the Basis of Applications and procedural pitfalls to avoid. Various ethical considerations involved in making legal services accessible for individuals and representing applicants and respondents will also be discussed. 

  • Introduction and course objectives 

  • Ontario’s Human Rights System 

    • History of Ontario’s Human Rights System

    • Enforcement agencies (HRTO/HRLSC/HRC)

    • Social Justice Tribunals of Ontario (SJTO) 

  • The Case 

    • Ontario’s Human Rights Code (the Code) 

    • ​Application’s Chance of Success ​

    • Evidence ​

    • Choosing the forum ​

  • The Procedure 

    • The Pleadings ​

    • The Parties ​

    • Curveballs: deferrals, early dismissals and summary hearings ​

    • The Mediation ​

  • HRTO jurisdiction to grant remedies 

    • Common monetary remedies ​

    • Issues with non-monetary remedies ​

    • Common public interest remedies ​

  • Post HRTO’s decision 

    • Enforcement ​

    • Reconsideration and/or judicial review ​

  • Question and Answer period 


For Lawyers and Paralegals

Law Society of Ontario 

  • Substantive Hours: this program is eligible for up to 3.5 hours

  • Professionalism Hours: this program contains 1.5 hours of Professionalism Content

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Single Course



  • Access to the course materials

  • Possibility to download and watch the webinar

ANIMATED SAMPLE | The Test for Discrimination Under the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario

This short animation is based on an audio excerpt of this CPD course. Actual CPD recording includes a display of the PowerPoint presentation used during the course and the instructor's voice.


Antonio is the thought leader behind Workplace Legal. He focuses on improving work climate and empowering business leaders, entrepreneurs, managers, supervisors and human resources professionals to reduce the inherent threats of workplace relations by providing innovative training, advisory, investigations, and litigation services. Antonio uses coaching tools and skills to inform, advice and represent workplaces in their virtual and physical challenges, including business transformation and managing toxic leadership.

Antonio obtained a Bachelor’s of Civil Law from Zulia’s University in 2003 and completed the Canadian National Committee on Accreditation in 2015. His legal work includes employment standards, human rights, health and safety, pay equity, harassment, discrimination, violence, hazards, privacy, BYOD, agreements, contracts and policies, employment related ADRs (mediation, arbitration), and litigation (wrongful/constructive dismissals). He has successfully represented and assisted clients at the Superior Court of Justice and various administrative tribunals in Ontario.

Antonio also conducts workplace investigations regarding allegations of violence, harassment, discrimination, accidents/incidents, theft and failure to comply with company policies, by-laws and collective agreements.

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Antonio Urdaneta

Barrister & Solicitor

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