Our instructor, an experienced business plan writer, will review each element of the immigration business plan, explain the logic behind them, and guide immigration practitioners on what they should focus on when reviewing these plans. The course will also explore how immigration practitioners should review corporate financial statements and projections and what may be areas of further discussion with clients and their business planers. 


Taught by Phil Cohen

This online workshop will provide practical advice on how to draft effective pleadings within a Small Claims Court setting. In addition to discussing practical tips and best practices, the instructor will review the main elements of the Plaintiff’s Claim, Defence and Defendant’s Claim. Multiple example of effective and poor drafting will be provided throughout the course. Prior to the course, participants will have the opportunity to submit sample pleadings, or passages of pleadings, from their own practice


Taught by DJ Stewart Gillis

This course will provide an in-depth discussion of the Global Talent Stream LMIA, starting from the initial client consultation and ending in the mandatory progress reviews. The instructor will address the two categories of this LMIA stream and provide practical tips on the collection of client documents, completion of the forms, the preparation of the Labour Market Benefits Plan, and handling the Service Canada calls following submission of the application. 

Taught by Andrew Carvajal


“I would say Andrew Carvajal and Chantal Desloges' course on study permits is the most informative and helpful CPD course I have taken so far. The course provided not only tons of information, but also answers to many questions that were confusing to me before. I was very impressed by the instructors’ professionalism and profound knowledge and will be recommending LPEN’s course to my colleagues.   .” 

—  Bo C.



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