This course will be an overview of the Federal Self-Employed Program, from temporary work permit stage to the application for permanent residence stage. At the conclusion of the course, the practitioner will know when to consider a self-employed work permit as a viable option for clients seeking a work permit only, or seeking both a work permit and eventual transition to permanent residence.


Taught by Rafael Fabregas

This course provides and in-depth overview of the basic elements of litigating wrongful termination in Ontario’s courts. Our instructor will present strategic considerations to keep in mind from the time that a demand letter is being planned, as well as practical tips involving the basis of statement of claims and pleadings. Various ethical considerations involved in making legal services accessible for individuals and representing claimants and defendants will also be discussed.


Taught by Antonio Urdaneta

This course will provide an in-depth discussion of the routes to sponsoring a family member to Canada, more specifically which types of family relationships are sponsorable and the preferred strategy for securing permanent residence in Canada. Topics will include the in-Canada versus overseas option, temporary visas available to family members, financial and other requirements, and appealing a sponsorship refusal.


Taught by Adrienne Smith


“I would say Andrew Carvajal and Chantal Desloges' course on study permits is the most informative and helpful CPD course I have taken so far. The course provided not only tons of information, but also answers to many questions that were confusing to me before. I was very impressed by the instructors’ professionalism and profound knowledge and will be recommending LPEN’s course to my colleagues.   .” 

—  Bo C.