This course provides and in-depth overview of the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario. Pleadings will be discussed as well as early dismissals. Our instructor will present strategic considerations to keep in mind from the time that an application is being planned to its filing, as well as practical tips involving the Basis of Applications and procedural pitfalls to avoid. Various ethical considerations involved in making legal services accessible for individuals and representing applicants and respondents will also be discussed. 


Taught by Antonio Urdaneta

This course will provide and in-depth discussion of applications for study permits and the rights of international students in Canada. The instructors will address strategic considerations that are undertaken by immigration practitioners from the time of the initial client consultation until the submission of the study permit application. The course will also discuss international students’ right to work during and after their studies, as well as the status of their accompanying family members.


Taught by Andrew Carvajal

& Chantal Desloges

This course will be an overview of the Reciprocal Benefits work permit category. Work permits obtained under this category are exempt from the requirement of a Labour Market Impact Assessment. The course will cover the sub-categories within the broad context of reciprocal employment opportunities, as well as the pros and cons of the category and sub-categories. After the course, practitioners will know when to consider a Reciprocal Benefits work permit a viable option for clients.


Taught by Rafael Fabregas


“Chantal Desloges is a wealth of knowledge and experience with an ability to make complex issues understandable. Frankly speaking, students have the opportunity to learn from one of the forefront experts in the field, but she always engages students at their level and makes them feel welcome by making herself available for them. You couldn’t ask for more experienced, stronger, more capable instructor who is also personable and approachable.” 

—  James C.



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