This course will provide an in-depth discussion of the issues that arise in a number of applications where individuals need to prove residency in Canada, more specifically the renewal of Permanent Resident Cards and applications for Permanent Resident Travel Documents. Topics will include the calculation of Canadian residency, right of entry to Canada for permanent residents, breach of residency obligations, seeking discretionary remedies and appeals.


Taught by Chantal Desloges

A unique and exciting CPD activity involving a small, case study discussion regarding the immigration options of a top thoroughbred horse jockey. Participants will be asked to read over a detailed but fictitious client case prior to the event and prepare their own notes with regards to the available immigration options for this client. During the online meeting, participants will have the opportunity to discuss their own ideas as the moderator poses general and specific questions


Moderated by Andrew Carvajal

This course will provide and in-depth discussion of all the immigration programs administer by the BC PNP. The instructor will address the strategic selection the BC PNP’s pathways, the logistics and parameters of entry to the various available streams, the interplay between some BC PNP streams and the Federal Express Entry system, and how the BC PNP streams translate to temporary and permanent resident status in Canada.

Taught by Stanley Leo


“I would say Andrew Carvajal and Chantal Desloges' course on study permits is the most informative and helpful CPD course I have taken so far. The course provided not only tons of information, but also answers to many questions that were confusing to me before. I was very impressed by the instructors’ professionalism and profound knowledge and will be recommending LPEN’s course to my colleagues.   .” 

—  Bo C.



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